Our Studs:
"Tigger"  ( Seal Lynx Point )
  "Atticus"  at 10 months, ( Seal Point )
(now retired)
"Teddy Love"   ( Blue Point)
GC BW RW Abirwood's Addicted To Love of ForeverYoung
GC Sacresinh Antiquity of ForeverYoung --now retired
CH Russpurrz Alcatraz of ForeverYoung
GC Abirwood's Atticus Finch of ForeverYoung
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GC ForeverYoung's Dress Blues/DevilDog
Best Birman In Championship NAR-NBF 2007 / and again in 2008!!
Best Blue Point Birman NAR-NBF 2007 / and again in 2008!!
Two consecutive years in a row!!!!
Our Newest Males and all home grown here at ForeverYoung!  :

1,) GC ForeverYoung's Dress Blues / "Devil Dog" -- ( son of  CH "Bali" and CH Audacious Alpha Eta "Que Psi")
            (Blue Point)

2.) GC ForeverYoung's D'Artaganan    -- ( son of GC BW RW "Teddy Love" and "Bali" )
           (Blue Point)

3.) GC ForeverYoung's Bo Knows --  (Seal Point) ( son of Capone and Dixie )

  (Seal Point)
"Teddy"  (Blue Point)